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The Key Questions

December 9, 2009 2 comments

When I ask myself what I need to know to develop a people, their culture and the world they live in, their language, as has been mentioned on numerous blogs there are questions that need to be asked.  And so here are the ones I came up with, they’re not all questions in actual fact. More like key questions and points in world building.

1 What is the gravity, day length, year length and how do they compare to Earth’s? How do they keep the time there?

2 What is their world like?

3 What do these people look like? What are their bodies and mouths like?

4 How would this likely affect language?

5 The sounds used in their language – formalise them.

6 What are the regions people live in?

7 How many groups are they split into? How do these work and break down?

8 What are these groups like?

9 How old are their societies? Or rather, at what state are they at and when are historical landmarks?

10 How do they view things like life, death, science and the supernatural?

11 How did these groups come together?

12 Build grammar, alphabet and some words.

13 Build some pop culture and phrases

14 Build major organisations

15 Build the characters

And in the following posts I’ll try to answer these questions. No doubt I’ll run across things I haven’t thought of before.