Physical Properties of Planet and Orbit

  • Habitable Zones a handy page where you can alter the temperature of a star, the type of star even, and see where the habitable zone for life within that star system is. In relation to where the planets lie within our star system too.
  • Planet Designer Utility a great page where you enter a few variables like day length, mass of a planet and so on and it calculates things like gravity, size of the planet, escape velocity and more. Also has the data for our sun and system’s planets.
  • Astronomical Java Resources a page with links to various of the astronomical flavour from motions of the sun, the above habitable zone page, lunar phases, gravity and more.
  • Ellipses Calculator a handy little page that calculates the circumference of an ellipse or oval if you give it to two diameters. Not the two radii, made that mistake at first. Handy for figuring out how big an orbit is.
  • Circles of Latitude a page with various facts about latitude, with links to a few other related things.
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