About Me

I’m a twenty something dual national who grew up in Britain and have always had a bit of an odd head about me. For as long as I can remember I’ve had this idea in my head of  ‘what if the Neanderthals hadn’t died out? What if an alien race had taken them to a different planet where they could live?”

I’ve grown up watching Sci-Fi, if you can’t tell.

Needless to say I’ve recently decided to try and do this seriously. I made an alphabet and everything when I realised that I was going about this the wrong way. I was starting near the top when I needed to start at the bottom. So I scrapped it all. It’s there, but it’ll be left alone until I get to the right stage.

This page, this blog,  is where I’m going to organise my work in a hopefully neat, tidy and decent looking way. My nice notebook as all sorts of roads not taken in it and some math gone wrong.

So this is me, the geeky dork, having a go at world building. Valen help me.

As a note: The alien planet has the temporary name of Shir. This is a left over from when I started doing this all in the wrong order and nutty like. That said, I’m keeping it for the time being, it may remain the same or it may not.

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